Animal Crossing Makeup Haul!

Thank you Nintendo and Colorpop for sending me this to check out!
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    I'm not spending any more of my money with CP. I have palettes from them since 2016! There's just there pailing up not being use, taking space (I have 2 full drawers) and wasting my money! It's disguisting how gullible ppl are! We as consumers know it's just packaging, if we already own more than 5 pallelets from CP or other brands, we know we have those shades in other palettes and eventually can't tell the difference once they're on our eyes?! And WHO in their right mind, is spending money in makeup?! We're in a pandemic!!! Some ppl don't have water,electricity (those in Texas), some are unemployed and others lost loved ones to the virus! We shouldn't even be leaving our houses unless neccesary! Make up shouldn't be a priority. We only complain about the effect in our environment that is until it hits us! You can do whatever you please with your money, but we're only giving into consumerism and affecting our environment. How about we set that money aside for more impotant things! We aren't sure what's up ahead but we're sure about CP's next releases! If you have extra coin to spend, how about donating it or IDK, putting it aside! Why do we need to spend?! Read a book, exercise or learn a new skill! It's just sickening!

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    Greetings citizens of Panem and welcome to District 6!

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