So, about 2021.....

It's here and I thought I'd start off by answering some of your questions! Get your mugs here:
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  • Sumiran Maiskar
    Sumiran MaiskarVor 17 Tage

    iJustine cubing! Please get into cubing and speedcubing!

  • Sunny Khullar
    Sunny KhullarVor 18 Tage

    Please give me an iphone

  • Sunny Khullar
    Sunny KhullarVor 18 Tage

    Please give me an iphone

  • Đông Bạch Thị
    Đông Bạch ThịVor 21 Tag

    do u know Japanese

  • Letito Jiménez
    Letito JiménezVor 26 Tage

    4x4?? Did not expect that I can do 3x3 in 50 sec I can do 2x2 in 10.25 sec I can do megaminx in 6 min I can do pyraminx in 11.50 sec I can do 4x4 in 10 min because I am still a beginner and the rubik's 4x4 is what I have 4x4 pll pairty r2 U2 r2 Uw2 r2 Uw2 oll parity Rw U2 Rw x U2 Rw U2 Rw' U2 Lw U2 Rw' U2 Rw' U2 Rw'

  • szewei1985
    szewei1985Vor 29 Tage

    Stay vaccinated if your country have the doses already haha

  • Sophie J Pritchard
    Sophie J PritchardVor Monat

    thanks for your lovely video and Happy New year to you and rest of your beautiful family hugs

  • Jamie Morgan
    Jamie MorganVor Monat

    Why don't you use and review accessibility tech? It's old but the big keys keyboard is an awesome piece of kit for wheelchair users who can't use standard keyboards. Daisy Readers are excellent for those with sight issues, SARA scanners are pretty cool. There are so much tech that would get brilliant exposure if you have it on your channel.

  • Vinícius Porto
    Vinícius PortoVor Monat

    I hope you achieve all your goals for 2021 but especially: a peaceful mind and many smiles. Have a nice year.

  • Dewd Named
    Dewd NamedVor Monat


  • Ahmed Elsayed
    Ahmed ElsayedVor Monat


  • Jeandre Badenhorst
    Jeandre BadenhorstVor Monat

    5:30 The accessibility features on the iPhone are incredible. I have limited knowledge, but my girlfriend is blind and uses Voice Over on iOS as well as other speaking software on her computer. We could set up a Skype/Zoom/Teams meeting if you would like to hear all about it directly from her?

  • Dragan Lukic
    Dragan LukicVor Monat

    @IJustine if you're reading this, can you please tell me where you bought that tripod lamp to in the right (One facing the plants). I've been trying to look for one like that forever

  • Max Apen
    Max ApenVor Monat

    Where's that lamp in your background from?

  • iWajdi
    iWajdiVor Monat

    when you said you use the notepad on your iPhone more I went to look into my Samsung notes, and omg that app has changed and I didn't notice it, but one of my goal is to use the native apps instead of 3rd party apps, cause I tend to have an unhealthy obsession for 3rd party apps for literally the same exact thing that my phone has it natively.

  • winterbear moonchild
    winterbear moonchildVor Monat

    I would love to see you and henry cavill collab

  • Jenna Kathleen
    Jenna KathleenVor Monat

    Hi @iJustine, I’d love to see a video where you edit ONLY using keyboard commands and film the process... I’m going to start editing in the future, but if I need to use VoiceOver, I can’t be using the mouse all the time and I want to get better with keyboard commands in general...

  • Semiah Clifton
    Semiah CliftonVor Monat

    Happy new year to you

  • Semiah Clifton
    Semiah CliftonVor Monat

    Happy new year

  • courtney king
    courtney kingVor Monat

    ive been watching you since "hey hey you can ask iJ" lol, i was 14 then.. im 23 now. please recreate it

  • andrewmontreal
    andrewmontrealVor Monat

    I suffered a concussion too and going thru the waves,,seeing a neuro and wish you all the best be safe Justine!!!!!

  • Gavin Kitchens
    Gavin KitchensVor Monat

    Every time somebody talks about the vaccine I think about my aunt because she was working on it

  • Sandi Hermana
    Sandi HermanaVor Monat

    S21 Will Be Release A few Minutes...., 🤯 I am so excited

  • Omar Mubarak
    Omar MubarakVor Monat

    I mean character because I don't know you very much

  • Omar Mubarak
    Omar MubarakVor Monat

    Who is you

  • JJ Lat
    JJ LatVor Monat

    Love your videos

  • JJ Lat
    JJ LatVor Monat

    What’s up Justine?

  • L D
    L DVor Monat

    Happy New Year!!

  • AAtalkstech
    AAtalkstechVor Monat

    Subscribe to AAtalkstech

  • Denise Prichett
    Denise PrichettVor Monat

    Happy New Year Justine!!! You are doing your thang at CES 2021!! 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Jenna Kathleen
    Jenna KathleenVor Monat

    It would be great if video games could be made way more accessible for the blind/visually impaired.

  • Jenna Kathleen
    Jenna KathleenVor Monat

    Hi, I’m half blind. I’m a huge fan of Apple products. I have an iPhone and a 2014 MacBook Pro. I think it would be great if PDF’s could possibly be read better with VoiceOver.

  • Ishaan Phulwani
    Ishaan PhulwaniVor Monat

    Happy New year Justine

  • Hilarye Schoyt
    Hilarye SchoytVor Monat

    You should totally put your logo on a larger travel mug. I would totally buy that and carry it proudly.

  • Caroline
    CarolineVor Monat

    Collab with Molly Burke about accessibility on technology 🥰🥰

  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus JimenezVor Monat

    Enjoy every content you make!!!

  • L_C C
    L_C CVor Monat

    Do a collab/video with MOLLY BURKE ... that would be awesome

  • Rishi Godre
    Rishi GodreVor Monat

    Any speed cuber here 😎😎

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrVor Monat


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrVor Monat

    HAPPY 2021! WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Phy
    Justin PhyVor Monat

    HOLD UP 10:53 Justine is a SWIFTY?! I think I’m in love with her lol I did not know this at all!

  • Sergio Balderas
    Sergio BalderasVor Monat

    Why was I unsubscribe to iJustine

  • Phil Harmonic
    Phil HarmonicVor Monat

    So it's HER fault! SHE JYNXED OUR FIRST WEEK OF 2021

  • Sidney Gumbo
    Sidney GumboVor Monat

    hey hey, you can ask iJ

  • POVHFR Videos
    POVHFR VideosVor Monat

    Happy New Year Justine! Have a great year!


    She looks older, NOOOO DON'T GET OLD JUSTINE!!!

  • Nun Ur business
    Nun Ur businessVor Monat

    I sub on my school and my computer

  • Matthew Deva
    Matthew DevaVor Monat


  • Pants
    PantsVor Monat

    I left my question as a goddamn comment under the original tweet. I was so early, too. Nothing means anything...

  • Lois Washington
    Lois WashingtonVor Monat

    Happy New Year Ijustine

  • Deborah Martin
    Deborah MartinVor Monat

    Happy New Year Justine. I’m sure it was good what you said on what happened. And I miss Vidcon!

  • Tanner Moore
    Tanner MooreVor Monat

    Are we ever gonna see your son

  • Mr Mindset
    Mr MindsetVor Monat

    Let's get married

  • Wasim Kader
    Wasim KaderVor Monat

    i can give u a rtx 3090 if u are willing 2,040 usd (lowest end) and 2,762 usd for (highest end) :)))))

  • Ellie Woodward
    Ellie WoodwardVor Monat

    I love animal crossing I would love to do a Collab but I live in England and it is well LOCKDOWN :(

  • Tesla M3
    Tesla M3Vor Monat

    IJustine, have you thought of getting aTesla?

  • Marc Gady
    Marc GadyVor Monat

    I Do have 😉 a tech /gaming accessibility channel unfortunately it’s in French but I will put subtitles on it if I can help other people go check out : handijvlife

  • Rio Yokoda
    Rio YokodaVor Monat

    Watching from Japan! You’re one of my favorite DEnewssr!!! I hope it will be the great year for you. 😄 Also, I hope people all around the world can be happy.

  • Zack S
    Zack SVor Monat

    Your vocal and personal description of tech is really appreciated, thank you for sharing, love from AUS. Xo

  • John Yoscovits
    John YoscovitsVor Monat

    Have you thought of joining the exodus of people and companies leaving California ?

  • D S
    D SVor Monat

    I liked hearing you talk about non-tech stuff. Happy new year!

  • Kelly Lattimore
    Kelly LattimoreVor Monat

    It would be really cool if you did like a day using voice over on your iPhone. I am blind I rely on voiceover on all of my Apple products. I have an iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Air for, and the Apple TV.

  • Steeephen
    SteeephenVor Monat

    I would be very happy to see you someday if you visit Japan! :)

  • syamsul arifin
    syamsul arifinVor Monat

    Happy new year 🎈🤩

  • Cody LaScala
    Cody LaScalaVor Monat

    hey remember me??????????????????? let's clab

  • Hussien Alsafi
    Hussien AlsafiVor Monat


  • Кирил Китевски
    Кирил КитевскиVor Monat

    Where can I watch CES 2021?

  • Shameer
    ShameerVor Monat

    visit niagara falls!

  • Lesley Plunkett
    Lesley PlunkettVor Monat

    Hi Justine and happy New Year. My husband is legally blind and has very little vision due to a medical issue he had a number of years ago and one thing that I think would be helpful for him and others like him is talking about the products on the market and how they can function better for low vision or blind. Example the iPhone vs Samsun vs Google. I am having a tough time finding reliable info that will help me make his phone or iPad or computer function better for him.

  • Msters Famer
    Msters FamerVor Monat

    Hate life and hate 2020 but you make my day better but not flirting but my mom said another corona is coming and it’s here already it’s in Washington so we doneyenrings

  • Leanna Thomas
    Leanna ThomasVor Monat

    Love u justine u make my day better always


    YES ❣❣❣❣

  • MermaidOlivia313
    MermaidOlivia313Vor Monat

    she posted this on my mom's 34th birthday

  • Kim Karnes
    Kim KarnesVor Monat

    I would like to see a collab with Molly Burke about accessible technology. She is a blind DEnewssr.

  • Matthew Shearer
    Matthew ShearerVor Monat

    Hope your concussion is better I had one of those once

  • Matthew Shearer
    Matthew ShearerVor Monat

    Ijustine I want to see you playing breath of the wild

  • Vera Burmeister
    Vera BurmeisterVor Monat

    so my question is.. this year can you do more fun videos'. you know, less Tec related? I turned off my notifications because all I was getting was you reviewing things that I don't have enough money for. I love Ro and the lifestyle video's that she does. maybe you could do some of those things too. sorry about conplaining!

  • James Roggy
    James RoggyVor Monat

    Happy new year

  • James Heck III
    James Heck IIIVor Monat

    When will you be posting exclusive content for your channel members?

  • Fang Shen
    Fang ShenVor Monat

    wow, beautiful

  • Blue Kraus
    Blue KrausVor Monat

    I am so proud of you for that CES gig. You simply deserve it, so I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Blue Kraus

    Blue Kraus

    Vor Monat

    Also, accessibility is super important, so I hope for more content in that category.

  • Jamie Mueller
    Jamie MuellerVor Monat

    Money heist

  • Alicia Braun
    Alicia BraunVor Monat

    Obviously only when this is all over and you actually can. Please come to the UK

  • Thep911 Tech & Lifestyle
    Thep911 Tech & LifestyleVor Monat

    Happy new year

  • mess of messages
    mess of messagesVor Monat

    still one of my favourite channels when I can't decide what to watch iJustine always delivers. Thank you!

  • DiogoMarques07
    DiogoMarques07Vor Monat

    Good times when “ask iJ” song was a thing!

  • Azdrijan Memedov
    Azdrijan MemedovVor Monat

    Happy New Year Justine. Keep on uploading.

  • Pavan Jankieram
    Pavan JankieramVor Monat

    You should do this more often.

  • leonard0104
    leonard0104Vor Monat

    wow, he likes wow and roleplay stuff like that

  • Devansh Garg
    Devansh GargVor Monat

    Nice set up though

  • Jim B
    Jim BVor Monat

    Have fun at CES 2021 !!! :)

  • Lindsay Daly
    Lindsay DalyVor Monat

    The disability question was really thoughtful. Maybe collab with Tommy Edison! He's a blind DEnewssr; and you could introduce him to some interesting tech he might find useful!

  • KingNewfyDog
    KingNewfyDogVor Monat

    Id be jealous of a gtx 1080. I have an amd 580 some crap.

  • Barby
    BarbyVor Monat

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to your content as always. Love seeing women rocking as content creators!

  • Charl Conradie
    Charl ConradieVor Monat

    I think you mean: Happy 2020 part 2

  • Sebastian Grama
    Sebastian GramaVor Monat

    Justine, I like your slightly different input from other tech youtubers, but I gotta know...when does not going to a doctor for a PROPER diagnosis is not allowed because of covid? Doctors do all that work, not the patients. For example, if you have your finger nearly severed (like me!) do you diagnose that yourself? Obviously, my situation is more extreme, but you still go to a doctor for any unknown and unsure things and follow their instructions.

  • Art Hub
    Art HubVor Monat

    Plz do an unboxing on tab A

  • Deacon Blues
    Deacon BluesVor Monat

    Hope you will always be on the correct side of those that have power.

  • Andrew England
    Andrew EnglandVor Monat

    Hey Justine. It may sound counter-intuitive but it might actually be easier to skip the 4x4 and learn the 5x5 instead. Odd number cubes tend to be easier to pick up if you have already mastered the 3x3. Even number cubes end up with edge parity issues that make them harder to solve (in my opinion)