Sony A1 Unboxing!

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    This camera technology superb!

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    its only 7 thousand dollars 😂

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    This woman has aged very well.

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    Basically 9 minutes of being called broke


    Justina, could you open a box of any Nikon camera?

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    why tf would someone pay 2500 dollars for a phone

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    What did you say when you saying "faruk" hahahahah

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    Does the sensor has a curtain on it for protection and cleaning as the one in Canon r5?

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    Are you going to use that phone or your iphone?

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    Haha Sony is like a kid with A+ but has no friends

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    The background looks so damn professional

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    Cool vlog Justine. Just wondering did Sony give you the camera to review or is it yours to keep. Because if so your a lucky girl. I just received my Alpha A1 on Monday. Sick camera.

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    She only loves apple😒

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    We're getting all these 8K cameras, but I'm disappointed to see that we have yet to see an 8K monitor besides overpriced Dell and some of that TV.

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    Imo Dell is not overpriced for what you're getting like good quality and excellent customer service.

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    covid is a damn lie!

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    What happened to your A7Siii? I noticed you gear mentiones you use the iii and Sii.

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    I love SONY


    Should have sanatised it

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    I like all your videos Justine

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    5:27 Headphones used to be standard...there now a luxury.

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    what do you think of the drone performance on jw alive? good? no?

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    Justin is the most positive girls do you agree 👇

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    When are you going to start filming in 8K, I've been waiting for a long time.

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    Hi again, dont know if you remeber me, sick camera. Just need it to flip to a side.

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  • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
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    Also stupid that people on Twitter are complaining about the cost from the perspective that you do not need to buy SONY's top of the line flagship camera the A1. You can buy any SONY Alpha camera (there are far cheaper entry level models, or older models that are still sold), or even other mirrorless full frame cameras from Canon, Panasonic, or Nikon, and pair it with the Xperia Pro if you want to have a pro level camera set up/rig for streaming, photography, or videography.

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    the sign is like "Alpha"...The Sony Alpha

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    They didn't let the a1 have flip screen just to protect the Xperia pro monitor capability

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    Hey Justine/editor. great video! just noticed the "S's" sound a bit too pronounced here, somewhat distracting. just thought to throw some feedback over. thanks for the video :)

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