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Top Tech of 2020!

Top Tech of 2020!

Top Apps of 2020!

Top Apps of 2020!


  • Planned in Pen
    Planned in PenVor 22 Stunden

    I was 18 and going into college. I wanted one of these so bad but ended up with a Gateway laptop instead.

  • Jacob Roy
    Jacob RoyVor 22 Stunden

    I can’t believe that she wore the mask outside🤦‍♂️

  • El Mar
    El MarVor 22 Stunden

    Still confused how this works. I just used mine and the video turned out to be shaky still

  • patricio madrid
    patricio madridVor 22 Stunden


  • Baljit Kuar
    Baljit KuarVor 22 Stunden

    No one is watching this in 2021 but it is such a nice video

  • South Ark Weather
    South Ark WeatherVor 22 Stunden

    What was the storage of the disk

  • Angie Derrick
    Angie DerrickVor 22 Stunden


  • Homesh Bambal
    Homesh BambalVor 22 Stunden

    1:41 even when clicking a pic with him, she remembers that she needs a good thumbnail. Btw there are many Indian students over there.

  • Iram Naveed
    Iram NaveedVor 23 Stunden

    Its jus-tato

    MTBBOIVor 23 Stunden

    Helmets only work at night kids. Daytime, stick to skull to asphalt contact ;)

  • Quantum
    QuantumVor 23 Stunden

    Calm down it's just a fridge

  • Quantum
    QuantumVor 23 Stunden

    Xbox might have made a fridge but ps5 made a wifi router. Top that xcock

  • Kalinda Khan
    Kalinda KhanVor 23 Stunden

    One moment you're young and fun, the next you're reviewing vacuums. 🤣

  • Dun Goofed
    Dun GoofedVor 23 Stunden

    I miss Reggie Fills Aime

  • Hanan Hussein
    Hanan HusseinVor 23 Stunden

    I don’t like the puppy 1

  • Tom Waznis
    Tom WaznisVor 23 Stunden

    Too bad no Ryzen but it does have thunderbolt

  • Raihan Rafi
    Raihan RafiVor Tag

    She is just e camera freak

  • Royal Robbi
    Royal RobbiVor Tag

    I used to want this laptop so bad

  • Robson Vasconcellos
    Robson VasconcellosVor Tag

    Today is his 66th birthday!

  • Mike Sadler
    Mike SadlerVor Tag


  • Mike Sadler
    Mike SadlerVor Tag

    pause button potato LOL

  • Mike Sadler
    Mike SadlerVor Tag

    i made mash potaters warm chuckles thats not so warm

  • Lizabean08
    Lizabean08Vor Tag

    So cooooool 💙😺😺🙀 I subscribed

  • Thoughts On Things
    Thoughts On ThingsVor Tag

    Another great video Justine. :)

  • Rose Gold
    Rose GoldVor Tag

    4:55 I could see that coming

  • MilMouseTheCool Arts
    MilMouseTheCool ArtsVor Tag

    Wtf 😂😂

  • James Creaney
    James CreaneyVor Tag

    Reviews reviews reviews. What a boring career.

  • XxWolfiePlaysZxX 1
    XxWolfiePlaysZxX 1Vor Tag

    I love your videos but in escape the night I liked Colleen Eva and Nikita more and bretman and Gabbie and Tana

  • Panthermonky44
    Panthermonky44Vor Tag

    The most gamer fridge ever

  • Blade_ 02
    Blade_ 02Vor Tag

    This is the mango tango theme ughhhh nostalgia 😩😩😩

  • specialpaul
    specialpaulVor Tag

    Nice video -> i use this often for my work :)

  • yutsuneki
    yutsunekiVor Tag

    Sony's wireless earbuds WF-1000XM4 is coming soon according to some leaks

  • Dog
    DogVor Tag

    Fixing the drifting on my switch while watching her get exited about the new switch 🥲👍

  • SilverSpade
    SilverSpadeVor Tag

    Biggest flex of all time imo, that's awesome

  • nyel5010 nyel5010
    nyel5010 nyel5010Vor Tag

    Your fav color in umm let me think pink?

  • Андрей Фамильев
    Андрей ФамильевVor Tag

    2:37 Beautiful girl with strap on in tight space. This is demonetized for sure.

  • Jessica Ines
    Jessica InesVor Tag

    i like the camrae one

  • Chase Harnish
    Chase HarnishVor Tag

    2007 is when I was boor

  • Antonio Hernández
    Antonio HernándezVor Tag

    Sooo what’s the conclusion? That air can handle 4K editing just as much as the pro?

  • Šhãdøŵčøøkię Xøxøš
    Šhãdøŵčøøkię XøxøšVor Tag

    Did the case,magic keyboard,Apple pencil come with the iPad or separately

  • Šhãdøŵčøøkię Xøxøš
    Šhãdøŵčøøkię XøxøšVor Tag

    I can not get ps5 anywhere in UK/England

  • Rishi Shah
    Rishi ShahVor Tag

    Hello,I want to ask if the surface pro X works smoothly while using it touchscreen as a tablet like a high end tablet or does it often lag?

  • sindhu reddy
    sindhu reddyVor Tag

    I like big chocolate cookies

  • sean lim
    sean limVor Tag

    You forgot to mention how expensive it is lmao 😂😂😂 it's even more expensive than the m1 macbook pro...

  • Pixar
    PixarVor Tag

    11:39 -7

  • Pixar
    PixarVor Tag

    BRUh,why does she jump so much

  • Aubrey Ingram
    Aubrey IngramVor Tag

    I don’t know why, but that laptop gives me “Legally Blonde” vibes. 😂

  • Aman Patel
    Aman PatelVor Tag

    This is totally useless product

  • Cjon wickham
    Cjon wickhamVor Tag

    I guess mac and cheese is out.. Lol

  • Omnifarious The Food Explorer
    Omnifarious The Food ExplorerVor Tag

    Nice design

  • A R
    A RVor Tag

    what do you think..... is it a great product for Graphic designers??

    SKULZZVor Tag

    Imma buy the iPad Pro 5 gen when it releases

  • Desire Gordon
    Desire GordonVor Tag

    Does the iPad Air come with the Apple Pencil

  • Xtreme TopFuel
    Xtreme TopFuelVor Tag

    But does it run Minecraft.....🤣

  • Talon Does Things
    Talon Does ThingsVor Tag

    My school has this 😹

  • MrMarcusPakesYT
    MrMarcusPakesYTVor Tag

    anime body pillow wtf

  • Nancy Cat
    Nancy CatVor Tag

    I just pick the packaging with my finger and Justine literally takes out the BIGGEST knife 😂

  • panther cheng
    panther chengVor Tag

    can anyone tell me how many unit of this shit have been sell.

  • panther cheng
    panther chengVor Tag

    can anyone tell me how many unit of this shit have been sell.

  • Tanvir.2D
    Tanvir.2DVor Tag

    justin increases the volume and i decrease the volume

  • Whirlpool Programmer
    Whirlpool ProgrammerVor Tag

    OH! i don't have gift wrap!

  • Christine Danielle Zarate
    Christine Danielle ZarateVor Tag


  • Sarthak Farsule
    Sarthak FarsuleVor Tag

    so... magsafe before magsafe

  • BasicOtakuCatLover
    BasicOtakuCatLoverVor Tag

    This can barely run on my shitty chromebook. Nice camera tho

  • Pookie Osama
    Pookie OsamaVor Tag

    When the next next gen console come out

  • Ronja Mustafa
    Ronja MustafaVor Tag

    omgggg i need this.... waww x_x

  • Apple Pencil
    Apple PencilVor Tag

    Why don't you just go to the internet and find an old version of itunes....?

  • M. Yogesh Ranjan
    M. Yogesh RanjanVor Tag

    Bruh, it's a Movie Camera

  • Jason Pranata
    Jason PranataVor Tag

    do you have all the packs and all character packs

  • Adam Thompkins
    Adam ThompkinsVor Tag

    Rich get richer why'll the poor can only dream.

  • Erick Coffee
    Erick CoffeeVor Tag

    That poor peanut butter would’ve expired today 😢🤚

  • ج علي
    ج عليVor Tag


  • freeze site
    freeze siteVor Tag

    Not me watching things I can’t afford

  • Tag Ret
    Tag RetVor Tag

    Are you trans? If so, lovely.

  • Allen Delarosa
    Allen DelarosaVor Tag

    Mom I Need This For Zoom Class👌

  • Sam Samaritan
    Sam SamaritanVor Tag

    Too many screams and shouts for my liking👎

  • Coco Beans
    Coco BeansVor Tag

    You got your wish in 2018

  • new Islamic video Amna Ijaz
    new Islamic video Amna IjazVor Tag

    i luv u

  • Fashion & lifestyle
    Fashion & lifestyleVor Tag

    Thank you for sharing Justine!Hope everybody here becomes successful on DEnewss 😊🥰🙏

  • Goaty
    GoatyVor Tag

    Man it’s like the strap can be connected to the phone and the “AirPods”